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The antislip tapes of Comby Italia are available in different sizes and combinations of color; our tapes are suitable both for internal and external use.

Next to the manufacturing of barrier tapes, warning tapes and detectable meshes, Comby Italia has opened the production of antislip tabes.
The care in the choice of the raw materials and of the production machinery makes us able to obtain first quality antislip tapes with a great variety of use, suitable for external and internal application. In a time where industrial injuries are painfully on the agenda, it is essential to intensify the attention and the care for security, so that the work environments, including most dangerous ones, will be safer. Among the most important uses of our Comby antislip tapes, there are:

  • antislip tape for steps and stairs Steps and stairs
  • antislip tape for Tracks Tracks
  • antislip tape for Truck ladders Truck ladders
  • antislip tape for Gangways Gangways
  • antislip tape for ramps and passages for disabled Ramps and passages for disabled

Moreover, antislip tapes can be useful and efficient for naval and marine applications, places where security cannot stoop to compromises. Comby Antislip tapes are usually produced in the following colors:

  • black antislip tape Black
  • Yellow and Black antislip tape Yellow and Black
  • White and Red antislip tape White and Red

In case of particular needs, it is nevertheless possible to ask for a customized color according to your demand.

Comby Italia production of antislip tabes.

Our company profile - Comby Italia S.r.l. – warning and antislip tapes manufacture

Comby Italia S.r.l. is one of the Italian leading manufacturers of warning tapes. Comby Italia has got 35 years of experience in the warning tapes market. Thanks to our continuous investments, the quality of the raw material we purchase and the skills and the ability of our working staff, we always achieve our goal to increase our capacity for the production of barrier tapes, underground warning tapes,and antislip tapes.

Our mission is to offer to our customers and partners the best quality, though keeping our prices affordable and our service of delivery efficient and punctual. Our first quality antislip tapes and warning tapes are available at very competitive prices and are accompanied by an efficient before and after sales service.

Comby Italia S.r.l. can produce from 12 to 15 thousand tapes per day, of different size and dimension, in order to satisfy the most varied need of our customers. All our items can be personalized and all our customers are followed by our sales personnel with precision and kindness, which are qualities we keep ensuring.

Thanks to the experience of our partners, Comby Italia S.r.l. is an official sales representative for many companies operating in the same field. Besides offering sale support to these companies, our representative activity, together with our manufacturing and productive ability, makes us able to offer the best and most complete service to our customer portfolio.